A Little Goat With A Big Heart

We adopted Roary as our mascot because we think he shows exactly what we’re all about: quality of life.

Here at ROAR we focus on the seniors, the neglected or mistreated, and those with behavioural or medical issues.

Our admissions come to us from a variety of sources:

  • Shelters or pounds with limited resources to treat animals with special needs
  • Owners unable to cope due to financial limitations or life changes
  • Referrals of animals in need by third parties
  • Partner rescue groups

Where possible we provide advice or assistance to owners of special needs animals that enable them to keep their animals. Sometimes people just need a little help to get through a rough patch.

All our rescue animals are assessed prior to being accepted and placed in foster care homes. Our many years of working in animal welfare tells us that this is the best environment for rescues and gives us the best opportunity to assess each animal’s lifestyle needs more thoroughly. Where needed we devise rehabilitation plans and these are monitored until the animal is considered ready for rehoming.

In rare cases where an animal cannot be rehomed permanently they will remain with ROAR to live out their days, either at our sanctuary in Southern Tasmania, or in a permanent foster home fully supported by ROAR.

We believe every animal deserves a loving home, and that there is a place for each of them…….our job is to find it.