Little cutie Milo, rescued from a life outside and a diet of frozen dim simsA kind guardian angel rescued Milo, and then drove him half way across the State to hand him over to ROAR. A quick once over found very tight matting especially around his mouth and feet and he was booked in for an emergency groom to relieve him of the pain it was causing.

He was delighted with the outcome and suddenly became a playful, cheeky and joyful little boy. Milo spent several weeks with his wonderful foster carer where he received the vet care he needed, lots of TLC and some good groceries to get him to ideal weight.

It was love at first sight when he met his new mum and he truly couldn’t believe his luck when he found out there was a sister  (Tess) waiting to show him around the toy box and best spots on the couch…..and as Milo is fond of saying “it doesn’t get much better than that”.