Nine year old Kira went from being shut down to a fairy tale outcome

Kira came to ROAR through a kind hearted vet nurse who became aware that her elderly owner had died some time ago and the family didn’t want her . This sweet little old girl had then been left alone in a house for several months with someone visiting to give her food and water.

On arrival it was obvious that Kira was in shut down mode due to what must have been a very stressful and confusing three months, but it didn’t take her long to respond to kindness, decent food and a sanctuary full of friendly critters.

We were already aware of a loving home that we thought would probably suit Kira down to the ground and when Joyce and Kira met we knew that these two gorgeous seniors were meant for each other.

When we last called in to visit to make sure everything was still going well, Joyce simply told us “I feel like she’s lived with me forever”. Sounds like a perfect fairy tale ending to us.