From Home Alone Hudson to much loved member of the family

Hudson came to ROAR through a couple of incredibly persistent and big hearted animal lovers in Victoria. They had become aware that this poor little guy had been left alone inside an empty house by his owner who had gone overseas to live. Many attempts were made to rescue Hudson, including through formal channels but because a relative was delivering food a couple of times a week no action was taken to remove him.

Not willing to take no for an answer (bless their cotton socks) our brave rescuers kept going back and checking and talking to the relative at every opportunity until finally, after many months, the owner was persuaded to surrender Hudson. After an immediate vet check, desexing and vaccination in Melbourne we just happened to be in town at exactly the right time to bring him back on the Spirit to start his brand new and much improved life with his new family.

Hudson is adored by his family and spends his days working hard at keeping the clients happy as he gets to be right hand man for his hairdresser Mum. He’s an extraordinarily happy little fellow and we suspect his shady past is nothing but a very dim memory.