Dash has a story of hope, challenges, persistence and triumph

Dash is a sweet young girl who has faced a lot of challenges and uncertainty in her short life.  In 15 months her journey has involved removal from a domestic violence household to a small coastal pound then adopted sight unseen to a home where she proved fearful of existing dogs. She spent time in a private foster home before being adopted by a family who found that her extreme anxiety and challenging behaviour required more resources and a different environment than they were able to provide her. They contacted ROAR where we were able to place her in foster care with an amazing family who have experience in dog reactivity, positive training protocols and an abundance of patience and love.

On arrival Dash’s future was uncertain and her reactivity was so high we were unsure if she could be helped through her challenges but with a mountain of work and time, she has made stunning progress from a highly reactive and anxious girl who couldn’t be within 20 metres of another dog without barking, lunging and growling in addition to becoming stressed in the presence of strangers, to accepting treats from people she meets for the first time and learning how to play with her fellow canine foster brother and sister.  This transformation has been achieved with a combination of anxiety medication underpinning extensive rewards based training carried out many times a day over several months to date.



Dash’s progress has been documented in a blog https://projectdashblog.wordpress.com/ by her foster mum and continues to be a poster child for what we are about at ROAR. We are extremely proud of them both.

Update: Tragically, our Dash developed a tolerance for her medication and was unable to live a life of quality and love. She passed peacefully at our sanctuary held by the few people she loved and accepted into her world without fear. We will always miss her and wish with all our hearts that life could have been different for her. RIP Dashy xxx