Crash….the kitty with the most appropriate name……possibly ever

This lovely young fellow was found and taken to Southern Tas Vet Hospital after being hit by a car. As a result of his injuries he required surgery to amputate his leg and to remove one eye. ROAR offered to bring him to the sanctuary for foster care and to recover from his surgery.

We named him Crash for obvious reasons…..little did we know that once he recovered from surgery he’d also start living up to his name. His favourite hobby while here was to sneak into the kitchen cabinets, make as much noise as possible, and toss out anything he chose.

Crash recovered very quickly and settled in to life with the sanctuary canine residents. He is the most affectionate and gentle young lad and so it was no surprise when a regular visitor to the sanctuary asked to take him home.

Crash has now been adopted and from the regular reports we get from his new mum and BFF Bennie the dog we can pretty safely say he continues to live up to his name (when he’s not busy snuggling that is).

Our thanks to Southern Tas Vet Hospital. Great work.